Nicholas Reisch has extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits in state and federal courts as well as arbitration proceedings in a variety of different legal disputes, but has developed particular expertise in the following areas:

Fraudulent transfer of assets to avoid debts;
Securities law violations;
Partnership disputes;
Deceptive trade practices;
Breaches of contract; and
Debt collections
In addition, in representing his clients, Mr. Reisch has developed substantial skill in gaining advantages for his clients in lawsuits prior to the actual trial, such as:

Achieving advantageous transfers of venue to different courts;
Avoiding dismissals for lack of personal jurisdiction or transfers of venue;
Achieving partial or complete dismissal of an opposing party’s claims on summary judgment; and
Avoiding dismissal of all or some of a client’s claims on summary judgment;

Mr. Reisch is committed to providing his clients with an up front analysis of the claims and defenses as well as the potential outcomes of a lawsuit in order to develop the best strategy for achieving the most successful and cost effective resolution of a dispute for his clients.

In addition to his regular practice, Mr. Reisch has volunteered with the Houston Bar Association’s “Legal Lines” program to answer general questions that members of the public may have about legal issues. Furthermore, Mr. Reisch has represented clients on a pro bono basis as part of the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program.