Nicholas Reisch has extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits in state and federal courts. He has also represented numerous clients in arbitration proceedings.

Mr. Reisch’s experience includes a substantial number of trials, some as the primary attorney (first chair) and many others as an assisting attorney (second chair).

He has developed considerable expertise in handling the procedural and legal aspects of lawsuits and trials, including appeals and motions to dismiss claims for legal reasons.

He primarily represents clients in lawsuits in Harris County, Texas, but has also has experience in lawsuits in many other Texas counties and even other states, including California, Florida, and Michigan.

Mr. Reisch is committed to providing his clients with an up-front analysis of legal disputes as well as the potential outcomes. His approach allows clients to make informed decisions about a lawsuit before they have spent substantial money.

In addition to his regular law practice, Mr. Reisch has volunteered with the Houston Bar Association’s “Legal Lines” program to answer general questions that members of the public may have about legal issues. He has also represented clients on a pro bono basis as part of the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program.