Mr. Meyer has extensive experience in plaintiff and defense civil trial work in state and federal courts, and in arbitration proceedings. His practice and trial work has involved a wide variety of commercial, consumer, family and probate issues involving, to name a few: contracts, partnerships, corporate matters, accounting issues, construction defects, real estate title disputes, condemnation proceedings, employment, promissory notes, usury, banking practices, fraud, fraudulent transfers, professional legal malpractice, personal injury, breaches of fiduciary duty, collections, will contests, and securities law violations (including defense of insider trading claims and claims of brokerage regulatory violations). Mr. Meyer’s practice has also long included representation of brokerage firm customers in arbitration complaints before FINRA (formerly the NASD and the NYSE), along with representation of brokers, brokerage firm managers and principals in employment disputes and in securities regulatory matters before the NASD, NYSE, FINRA and SEC. Mr. Meyer has also been a member of the national organization of attorneys engaged in the practice of representation of public customers in arbitration proceedings, known as the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA) for approximately twenty years.

Mr. Meyer’s professional background prior to practicing law, as an accountant and a private investigator, along with his college studies in psychology and work as teacher and counselor at a high profile mental health treatment center, in addition to his work at the I.R.S., provide him with an unusual breadth of life experience which gives him a broader perspective when analyzing problems and issues, and designing a strategy to resolve them, whether it involves litigation, arbitration, or informal resolution tactics. While implementing that strategy, he has always strived to aggressively and passionately advocate for his clients, while at the same time seeking a just, business and satisfying solution to their problems.

Mr. Meyer’s clients have included both individuals and companies, including as examples, builders and developers – both commercial and residential, contractors, homeowners, real estate inspectors, engineers, professional athletes, accountants, dentists, doctors, hospitals, restaurants, pipe companies, steel companies, metals dealers, importers, finance companies, public and private investors, stock brokers, and brokerage firms.

Mr. Meyer has also served as a testifying expert in the areas of construction law, securities law, and professional legal malpractice, as an arbitrator and in litigation, and he has lectured to local organizations including as examples, inspector organizations on the practice of used home real estate inspections, and a section of the Houston Bar Association and the University of Houston Law School, on securities arbitration practice. Additionally, he has served by appointment as guardian ad litem, attorney ad litem and condemnation commissioner.